Scrolling video text based on entries from a website about recurrent sightings of the number 11:11.
30 mins (2004)

installation view / Glue, Berlin

A couple of days ago I was up until nearly sunrise so I slept in late.
While I was asleep I was dreaming.
Suddely something happened that is difficult to describe.
The best I can come up with is an analogy.
Have you ever had your TV or radio on
and then switched on a light or maybe your computer or something,
and the TV or radio signal is interrupted for a split second?
Well, what happened in my head was similar.
Like something was literally switched on or switched off.
In any case, there was a split second flash,
like an interruption in the signal that was sending the dream images to me.
I awoke with a start and turned to look at my digital clock.
It read exactly 11:11.
It was strange and left me with an odd feeling.
Like something rather profound might have just happened
but I didn’t catch the significance of it.