In the Community of Clones

Lecture performance, installation and sonic essay (2019)
Interiors to Being Festival, Berlin

Collaborative artistic research project using sonic essay and performance lecture formats to explore the narratives (scientific, material, cultural, sensory) surrounding a plant that flowers for one night only: the ‘Queen of the Night’ or Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

The 90-minute participatory lecture (including stories, meditations, sensory and drawing exercises) was staged in a garden space in Berlin-Mitte, with eleven E. oxypetalum plants – all clones from a single leaf – belonging to various people in Berlin (see IN THE CANOPY OF CLONES).

The installation included a soundscape, a Nocturne for the Queen, a bespoke scent that recreated the flower’s perfume to lure the flowering event and which was imprinted on a floating, moon-like balloon that diffused the scent throughout the garden, custom plinths and light fixtures.

Listen to the sonic essay Upon a Leaf and read the accompanying electronic publication In The Community of Clones