collaborative workshop (2023)

An immersive experience in the world of moss, designed to respond to different environments, collecting and generating more knowledge with each iteration. The workshop features exercises and explorations that focus on different qualities of moss such as resilience and adaptability, sexuality and dispersal, water holding, symbioses and interactions. We spend time with the mosses, becoming intimate with them, their habitats and co-habitants through sensorial immersion, mapping, drawing, and identification. Readings from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book Gathering Moss form a narrative thread that weaves through the three hours.

The workshop MicrocosMoss was conceived and realised for the MATTER OF FLUX festival, organised by Art Laboratory Berlin.
Developed by Jacky Hess, Susanne Jaschko , Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky and Lucy Powell,
Images: Karolina ┼╗yniewicz, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky and Lucy Powell