2023 Rites of Gratitude: Mooncakes, Mildew, Planetary Momentum, Roots in the Ruins, HILDEGARD, Berlin, with Ella Ziegler
     Experiments in Rewilding the Mind, With For About: Care and the Commons, HeartOfGlass, Liverpool, UK
     and Still Matter, 48h NK festival, SAP Space, Berlin
     MicrocosMoss (collaborative workshop) Matters of Flux Festival, ArtLaboratory, Berlin
2021 Tender Empirical: Vegetal Encounters, Earthbound Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

Artist Walks / Solo Shows / Performances

2023 Humboldthain: A Microcosmos, artist walk, In Search of the Miraculous, WIRWIR, Berlin
2022 Bog Bodies, participatory lecture performance, What’s Art Got to Do with It? A Summer School on Art and
     Collective Memory, Städtische Galerie Nordholm, Germany
2021 Becoming Arboreal, artist walk, Tiergarten Park, Berlin
2019 In the Community of Clones, lecture performance, installation and sonic essay, Interiors to Being festival, Berlin (with Ally Bisshop as HOLOBIOSONICS)
2018 How Not to Photograph a Dead Panda, artist walk, In Search of the Miraculous, Berlin
     The Ant Chorus, performance, LoBe Block, Berlin
2017 Hill Climbing with Random Restarts, video installation, Spor Klübü, Berlin
2015 If We Were Smarter and Had Thought Things Through More, Meinblau, Berlin
2014 Looking/Finding, installation LoBe Berlin (with Ella Ziegler)
2013 As We Speak, installation, Tête, Berlin
2012 Komplexraum #2, installation, General Public, Berlin (with Julia Kissiner)

Group shows / screenings (selected):
2021 Porosity, Sculplobe, Berlin
2020 Memento: Im Kraftfeld der Erinnerung, Museum für Sepuchralkultur, Kassel
     Alles im Wunderland, Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden
2019 Sports & Local Amenities, LoBe Block Berlin
2018 Interleaved Space, Vierte Welt, Berlin
2017 Rarely Asked Questions, Haus am Lutzowplatz, Berlin
     Was it a Cat I Saw?, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin
2015 On the Edge, initiated and curated by Satellite Salon, Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin
2014 Epistemology of Measurement, Leuphana University, Lüneburg
     We, animals: Biographies, Meinblau, Berlin
     We, animals: Scenarios, Meinblau, Berlin
     Noah’s Ark, Museum Ostwall, Dortmund
     Inventing Temperature, Korean Cultural Centre, London
2013 The Animal Gaze Returned, SIA Gallery, Sheffield
     Screening Nature, Whitechapel Gallery, London
2012 The Worldly House, documenta 13, Kassel
     Amateurism, Heidelberger Kunstverein
     Jäger und Gejagte – Insekten in der Gegenwartskunst, Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden Rot
2011 The Animal Gaze, Cass Gallery, Metropolitan University, London
     Animal Kingdom, Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin
     Shooting Animals, Oberhausen 57th Film Festival
     Abstract, Essays and Observations, Berlin

Art-Science Salons & Slams *

2017 Salon Universitas, ArtScience Slam
     Salon Universitas, RELATIONS
2016 Satellite Salon, TREMORS
     Satellite Salon, MATHEMATICAL SPACE
     Salon Universitas, BODY POLITICS
     Salon Universitas, SELF OPTIMIZATION
     Satellite Salon, ArtScience Slam, ZKU Berlin
2015 Salon Universitas, WORK
     Salon Universitas, GRAVITATION
     Salon Universitas, FEAR & ANXIETY
     Salon Universitas, INTUITION
     Satellite Salon, MIRRORING
     Satellite Salon, ArtScience Slam, ZKU Berlin
2014 Salon Universitas, BIOLOGICAL DESIGN
     Satellite Salon, SLEEP & DREAMS
     Satellite Salon, BACTERIA
2013 Satellite Salon, PLANT TO HUMAN
     Satellite Salon, ATMOSPHERES
2012 Satellite Salon, LIGHT
     Satellite Salon, DEVICES
     Satellite Salon, TRACKING
     Satellite Salon, WUNDER
2011 Satellite Salon, ARCHIVES
     Satellite Salon, WILDNESS
     Satellite Salon, GEOLOGICAL TIME
     Satellite Salon, ZOO

* All Salon Universitas events held in Kunsthochschule Kassel and curated together with Ella Ziegler; all Satellite Salon evenings held in project spaces and studios or private apartments in Berlin or Edinburgh and curated together with Sara Barnes – and from 2011-2013 with Andrea Roe.