My artistic practice is research-based and ontological, an ongoing process of learning and unlearning, an opening and attuning to the reciprocities of the more-than-human community of life. I am interested in the interweaving of art, activism and meditation-based practices of rewilding the mind. For several years now working only outdoors, I create walks, workshops, maps, audio works, participatory performances, performance lectures and books, and am always looking for new opportunities for collaboration. In 2022, as an extension of my own practice I started the project space HILDEGARD together with gardener Andreas Hengst in a large wild garden on the outskirts of Berlin. 2019-2021 I collaborated with Ally Bisshop on the multi-species artistic research project HOLOBIOSONICS. 2011-2017 I co-founded Satellite Salon, a roaming platform for art-science conversations in Berlin, which 2015-2017 branched out into the the art school & university research project Salon Universitas in Kassel, Germany.